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Carefully selected natural stones

For brilliance and power one by one

Natural gemstones that make a difference

Your suffering

Stay close to your worries and make you a happier and more prosperous life

Such a power stone

We will deliver



Luxury natural stone

Power stone specialty store

New Item

New item

This commitment, only TAKIMA in Japan

Buy directly from the mine

And double purification

Maximize the original power of stones

Thank you for visiting our store.

Go to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. and see for yourself

We carefully select each one based on our senses.

Purify at local temples and power spots

In addition, it will be tuned and exhibited at Okinawa's power spots and Mitake (a place to pray to God).

We will deliver the energy of stones to you.

Are you suffering from relationships?

Do you have vague anxieties about the future?

Want to let go of that suffering?

Maybe the power of stones can solve it.

Let me help you with that.

The rough natural stone has

Pure energy

The sphere is exactly

Symbol of eternity and harmony

Power of power stone

Wearing stones protect you


Just for you

Original bracelet


I understand now

The stone you need now


To TAKIMA, a store specializing in natural stone power stones


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