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Takima's feelings

Marble Surface

A stone of your color that suits you now

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Each stone has a mission and each has a power of attraction

By identifying who you are and choosing the right one

The stone will help you

At Takima, to propose the perfect stone for you now

I would like to make a proposal through counseling


Tuning of natural stone

We believe in the power of stones, who have crystallized over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, and believe they have wisdom and life beyond our knowledge. I will.

The place of origin, climate, and the brilliance of the stones nurtured in the strata have always moved people's hearts.

In order to bring these stones into harmony with human life and mind, we value the neutralization of energy by exposing them to the air of areas with high vibrations (power spots).

We are working on tuning the stones, thinking that our activity base, the vibrations and cultural customs unique to Okinawa will maximize their power.

About counseling

Just as you have individuality, so do stones. Just as you have a birthday, they also have a day of energy. We will ask you about your date of birth, your current worries, your background and experience, and the future you desire, and we will select and propose a stone that suits you. Sometimes the stone doesn't exist with us, but the energies resonate with each other, and the stones that snuggle up to you always come from the other side.

Please tell us the voice of your heart, it will surely help you

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