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About Takima


It is a TAKIMA Takima stone store of natural stone (power stone). Thank you for visiting us

We will purify and tune the rough natural stones at one of Okinawa's leading power spots and exhibit them.

In addition, a counseling service that delivers natural stones (power stones) that are suitable for each customer.



Deliver the voice of natural stone (power stone) to you.

Why am I the only one? I want to live such a life. The energy of us and natural stones may help you without having the difficulty and pain of living alone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy it, you're worried.

This is a collection of questions and questions that customers may be worried about before purchasing. You may have a problem that can be solved on this page. Please look.


Shopping guide

Thank you for your understanding and understanding when purchasing.

Please check here for details such as things to be careful about when purchasing products and payment methods.

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