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Takima's service



Sale of natural stone

Okinawa's leading gemstone (power stone)

We are particular about purifying tuning at the power spot and exhibiting.

In addition, natural stones (power stones) that meet the current situation and worries of each customer

We also offer counseling services to deliver.


Stone counseling

Find the stone that suits you by counseling

There are also reasons why you were born, why you are in the present situation, and what you are worried about. The energy of natural stones (power stones) may tell you. Let's find the natural stone (power stone) that suits you together.


Rough stone sale

Innocent stones give you the perfect luck

The most natural style of natural stones (power stones) that come to you over a long period of time

This natural state delivers the original power to you as it is.


Sale of processed stones

Crystal / breath parts

Natural stone (power stone) with high vibration is processed into a sophisticated sphere, which not only purifies your home or office, but also uses it as jewelry such as bracelets to always protect you.


Made-to-order jewelry

Shape your heart into a prosperous future

It is a service to produce custom-made jewelry that gives shape to the connection between the attracted natural stone (power stone) and you. Not only for you, but also for bridal rings, you can make your vows into shape.

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